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3 Things to consider before booking a viewing at Upthorpe Wood

Updated: May 10

OMG, you’re engaged!!

A really exciting time, there’s an outfit to buy.. a venue to find… bridesmaids/groomsmen to choose… but where on earth do you start…. I mean, if you’ve never planned a wedding before it can be difficult to know what to do first… right?

There’s possibly thousands of blogs out there helping you on your wedding planning journey, but as you’ve requested an Upthorpe Wood Viewing let’s concentrate on that.

Our woodland weddings are always relaxed, informal and fun.

Our couples are looking for a venue where their family and friends can spend a gorgeous, chilled day in beautiful surroundings in the Suffolk countryside. Where they can shake off the usual formal stuffy wedding traditions and create a bespoke day that suits their style and personality be it festival, boho or ultra modern. With the added bonus of getting married in a woodland setting!

Upthorpe Wood is the perfect dry hire venue for those looking for the above!

So let’s get onto the nitty gritty before making the decision to booking an Upthorpe Wood viewing.

The first thing you’ll need to do, as a couple and before any venue viewing is to discuss a venue budget that’s right for you. How much do you really want to spend on your wedding day? How much can you realistically spend? How extravagant do you wish to be on your day? What’s important to you… is it the food, the party, the venue??

Everyone’s budget/circumstances are completely different. Trust me… Yes there’s lots of advice out there telling you the average spend of a wedding but I can honestly say that these never seem correct, it seems as if they are figures pulled from outer space with no relevance on an actual wedding!

So once you’ve decided on a realistic budget, take a look on our hire rates page and see which of our packages fit within your chosen figure.

During your visit, it’s really important for us to know which package you’re interested in. All packages work in a completely different way to each other, so to give you the best advice, it’s the first thing we’ll ask you both.

If our package prices don’t fit with your budget, please do not take a viewing any further…. It may lead to some real heartache or regret later if you’ve stretched yourselves too far budget wise.

Please remember that these prices don’t include Registrar/celebrant fees, catering or decoration/entertainment.

If our packages don’t include something which you’d like to include, for example a drinks package or additional hours …just ask and we’ll give you a quote.

Onto the second point.

Make a list of everything that is important to you on your wedding day.. REGARDLESS of venue. Please believe me that these things should be considered BEFORE you choose to visit a venue and not the other way round. Choose to visit a venue which suits these requirements, if the venue doesn’t fit then it really isn’t worth visiting.

Things to consider beforehand:

Where is a convenient location for everybody? Is the venue in this location?

Maximum guest numbers - check that the venue allows your number of guests beforehand.

Wedding date/month/year preferred - most outside venues are not available to hire outside of summer months.

Catering style - does your venue allow foodtrucks etc. If you want to bring in your own food, does your venue allow this? Due to hygiene and insurance issues, most won’t.

Entertainment - what are the venues policies on this, do they allow amplified music after 11pm …. this is very rarely the case, outside venues have to be much more considerate to their neighbours than a normal wedding venue.

Onsite accommodation - if this is a deal breaker for you, check out the venue website BEFORE visiting.

Other things to consider…

Would you like a legal wedding? We’re licensed for civil ceremonies.

Is it important for guests to stay over onsite for a mad all nighter? If so, we aren’t the venue for you.

We choose not to have onsite camping/accommodation for a variety of reasons, which can be read in another of our blogs. But we do have lots of local accommodation all within a few miles and guests normally club together and organise a minibus to collect and drop them off at the end of the night.

Our maximum number for ceremony and a seated meal is around 100, but once this has finished your guest number can increase to 150.

Our wedding season runs from May-September each year and we only host weddings at weekends.

We are a licensed venue which means that unfortunately, we can’t allow couple to bring in their own alcohol.

And the most important of all…. We have lots of undercover space!


Have a read through the website. There’s a ton of useful information which can help you make a decision, if we’re the right venue to view or not. All venues run differently from each and offer different things, no one size fits all anymore… thankfully!

So, there you have it… the 3 things to consider before booking a viewing with us. If we’re right for you and you’re right for us, we’d love to meet up and show you around, there’s nothing more we’d love to talk about than your woodland wedding ideas and requirements.

Looking forward to meeting you both!

Sarah x


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