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Why don’t we allow wedding guests to stay overnight at Upthorpe Wood, after all we have the space?

So you're choosing a wedding venue or maybe you've already booked a woodland wedding at Upthorpe and now you're wondering if your guests can stay overnight on the wedding day.

I'm afraid we no longer allow guests to stay overnight.... but there's a real good reason for this. It took several years but eventually we felt like it was the right decision to make for your wedding day.

And the reason is this. If your guests have paid lots of money for a bell tent company to come along and install a tent for them during your wedding weekend, then it's only natural that they'll want to use them as much as possible.. this leads to the campsite being full of your stay over guests and the remainder, enjoying your wedding day without them!

Uuuummm, so we have a problem here, the wedding party is now split into 2 different groups and you'd rather Everyone was enjoying your day together! It's your party of a lifetime and you'd like everyone in one space.... yes? See the problem?

The best way round this was for us to stop guests camping onsite... however there are a choice of 3 different campsites in the local area, so much better that they enjoy your wedding day and then at the end of the night, head off to camp/glamp... wherever they choose.

There's lots of really good accommodation in the Suffolk area from holiday cottages at, to airbnbs and hotels, ask us for our recommendations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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