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Styled Shoots…. Thinking of holding a styled shoot at Upthorpe?

We are Always happy to be approached by wedding suppliers who'd like to host a shoot at the Wood. We love meeting new faces here and it's such a great way to inspire our couples.

We all give up lots of time and energy creating photo shoots so it has to be right for ALL suppliers involved. We should all be looking to market to our ideal couples, so all suppliers onboard should all be creating for the same ideal. There's no point choosing a supplier who has a completely different style even if they've offered their service for the shoot. I'm sure we've all taken part in shoots which we wished we hadn't bothered with, which don't align with our clients and the setups on the actual day resemble nothing like the original moodboard. Thus we never use the photos and it defeats the whole object.

We'd ask that all photoshoots consider that although a woodland, we love hosting creative, modern couples. We will definitely shy away from any shoot involving wood slices, rustic vibes but LOVE alternative shoots with colourful colours, no white wedding dresses with lots of poses and without doubt, something original...

So, please don't be put off but let's all connect with suppliers that suit our vibes and vision.

If you're considering a photo shoot here, we'd first ask that you send us a moodboard and a list of possible suppliers,. Don't be offended if we say no... it just wasn't our vibe.

We'd really love to hear your horror stories of photo shoots too...

Here's ours: So, we had one supplier, who will remain nameless, who came along and let their real couple (clients) hold a full ceremony at the wood without even telling us.... They'd written their vows and brought along a celebrant to conduct it ..... WTF!! No we never posted any of the photos to social media.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

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