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Need some wedding help….? You’ve just got engaged but what next?

Christmas and New Year is the busiest season for newly engaged couples, which also means it's the busiest season for all wedding suppliers.. including us venues.

This is the time of year when wedding enquiries come flooding in, we're at our busiest for viewings and bookings.

So if you've just Said Yes... what happens next? What should you be doing?

First on your wedding planning list... set your budget. Yes, it's boring but I promise you, this is THE most important part!

Be honest, be practical and, together, start making the decisions of what's really important to you both. Is it all about one massive helluva party? Is it all about the food/flowers/dress/decoration..... Is it all about a small intimate day, with fine wines and luxurious food? This will give you a good idea of where to proportion your wedding budget. If a family member is helping contribute towards your day, now is the time to find out the delicate subject of.. how they'd like to contribute. Do you really need favours and confetti cones? Do you have the budget for 8 bridesmaids dresses plus their shoes hair and make up? If not, now's the time to get real and adjust accordingly.

So you have a budget set.

Next and BEFORE contacting a whole host of wedding suppliers, florists, cake makers, photographers, caterers etc. you'll need to have a date.

In order to set a wedding date, you'll need to begin seeking out your preferred venues. Most should give you an approximate price and available packages on their website... making it easier to get your list together. Get in touch and ask what dates they have available.

Please remember, if a venue has given you their availability.... this may change at Any Time! If they have a date you like, get things moving quickly as there's sure to be a whole bunch of other couples also interested in this date. Book a viewing, as soon as possible. Once you've found your dream venue, make sure you book... don't sit on this one for too long, remember the host of other couples...! Stats show that couples normally view on average, just 3 wedding venues, with some booking the first, and only one they visit.

Now you've got your date, you can start contacting wedding suppliers, chose those who you love their style, websites might give you an indication of price.. otherwise ask for a general price list... bear in mind if you'd like something bespoke, your supplier will need as MUCH detail as possible, in order to give you an approximate quote.

Weddings aren't cheap, the level of professional service provided by your suppliers is considerably raised for a wedding, think time spend on quotes, custom designs, consultations, collections, deliveries (often late into the early hours of night) seeking out the highest quality flowers that may be out of season, creating outstanding bespoke menus... you get the drift. It's not the same as buying something off the shelf without giving it much thought.

Here's my suggestion of the order in which to book your suppliers:

Registrar or Celebrant








Obvs, not set in stone but just an approximate order.

Remember to share any contractual obligations which you think every supplier should know about ie collection/delivery times, service provided, limitations, final amendment dates.

Pinterest to your hearts content but remember that budget! Pinterest photos have sometimes taken hours to set up and in reality may be unachievable on your wedding day. But it is great for showing your suppliers the style you're considering, it gives them something to work with.

So, congratulations on your engagement and happy wedding planning. Any questions we're always happy to help.

Good luck,

Sarah x

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