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A cocktail, or mocktail?

With so many people wanting to keep a clear head during the special day of a loved one we are asked if there are any alternatives for alcoholic drinks. Not the usual coke or lemonade served on a great pile of ice.

Yes is the answer. We have seen, over the past three years, an explosion of non alcoholic beverages that taste as good as the alcohol based products.

Leading the way were the brewers who produced low alcohol beers before going the full length of brewing 0% beers including many of the famous brands, even the super dark brew from know which one.

Testing the 0% gins, vodka and rums out on our bar team we were impressed by the flavour and nose from each drink. We went on to make mocktails exactly as we would cocktails. The mocktails had a better flavour due to the lack of alcohol that sometimes can overpower the delicate fragrance of some of the botanics used to flavour spirits, gin in particular.

Of the five mocktails made to mirror the full strength cocktails there was little difference in taste. The upside of this is that the mocktails are perfect for someone looking to be part of the crowd without missing out on the flavours of a cocktail. Better still - there is never the risk of a hang over - perfect.

We have also discovered a few delightful wines for the wedding breakfast that equally match many reds, whites and blush on the market.

One of us is always on hand to advise on drinks from the bar and packages for the whole day - from the reception drinks, hydration stations and wedding breakfast wine and cocktails.

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