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Have you ever considered a small intimate Woodland elopement wedding at Upthorpe Wood?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

More and more frequently, we are getting asked, by our couples for a smaller and much more intimate style wedding ceremony and reception. A day to celebrate your marriage to each other which isn’t necessarily just about the party!

If sunset ceremonies and luxurious woodland feasting, for just yourselves and closest family and friends sounds like your Perfect day... read on....

Who says that your gorgeous wedding day has to be full of everyone you’ve ever met, every work colleague, every family friend, your Mother in Laws best friend Elizabeth?Your day is about the two of you...acknowledging your vows and promises made to each other and spending some really precious time with a small, hand picked group of family and friends who you love from the bottom of your hearts.

Picture the intimate sunset wedding ceremony held in the woodland under the dappled shade of the ash trees. A small gathering of your chosen guests who feel honoured to witness your marriage to each other. This marriage may either be conducted as a legal wedding or by a humanist celebrant, as a wedding blessing. Once pronounced Man and Wife, Wife and Wife, husband and husband... whichever it may be, you lead your guests through the woodland and into the garden reception area, which is pre-lit with twinkly fairy lights and where, possibly, bespoke hand crafted cocktails are waiting for everyone to toast your marriage. With chatter and laughter filling the air, we will ask you to take your place at our woodland feasting table where your luxurious feasting can begin. Feast to your hearts content for the remainder of the evening, maybe once the meal has ended you choose to all gather around the firepit?

If this sounds like it could be the perfect option for you, please get in touch to talk through the finer detail and requirements. Our woodland elopement weddings take place on Sunday afternoons/evenings only, for yourselves and up to 20 guests. The venue hire is for up to 8 hours maximum and prices (not including registrar or caterer) start at £3,200 (2020) This package is for couples who are also not considering the whole decor/set up... trust us, the Woodland doesn't need any additional decor to look fabulous. Bring along your own alcohol. We have a preferred caterer who will help you create your luxurious bespoke wedding feast.

If you are thinking of hosting your ceremony alone at Upthorpe Wood, please get in touch. This 2 hour hire again will only be for a Sunday afternoon/evening with a restricted number of guests. Venue hire for a ceremony starts at £1,100 for 2020.

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