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Our All New Upthorpe Wood Wedding Planning Power Hour.. a great service for all our booked couples.

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

So you’ve booked your woodland wedding at Upthorpe Wood and it’s now all about creating your perfect wedding day.... but where do you start? With so many options open to you at our woodland venue, it may seem a pretty daunting task. Where to start, what needs considering, how to deal with the logistics of planning a woodland wedding?

If you’d like us to give you some guidance and point you in the direction, it may be worth considering our Wedding Planning Power Hour. Being the best people to give you advice regarding an Upthorpe wedding, this is designed to give you confidence in planning the most amazing day, maybe giving you ideas you hadn’t thought of before. We will work with you in the hour to talk through timelines, logistics to be aware of, supplier requirements, styling different venue location ideas plus a whole lot more which will help along the way.

The Planning Power Hour is a chargeable additional service, not included in any of our venue hire packages but is available at any point during your planning process... you may decide to choose this at the beginning of your journey or you may have reached a crossroads and are unsure where or what to do next. Get in touch with us for more details and prices. Meetings are conducted via Zoom, Monday-Friday 10am-7pm. This is available to all our Upthorpe Wood couples or any couple who have booked a dry hire venue.

Happy Planning. Xx

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