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Should we hire your in house On the Day Wedding Co-Ordinator?

Updated: Nov 16

Good question! So why would a couple need to hire an On the Day Wedding Co-ordinator?

Upthorpe Wood is a dry hire venue, which means we provide the venue as a blank canvas and everything else is left to you, this gives you great freedom to do as you wish, creating your day exactly as you’d like. We leave your day to run freely, without a Co-Ordinator, we do not get involved in keeping your day running to time or become involved with organising your suppliers on the day, so a member of your party will need to be around when your suppliers arrive, set up and depart.

But, if this all seems a little daunting, fear not... there are some great companies out there to help make the whole thing easier, from the wedding planning side of things (wedding planner) and help on the day itself (On the Day venue Co-ordinator)

A wedding planner can either take over the whole planning process... suppliers, caterers, entertainment etc or will step in at various stages and help along the way. A great idea if you are maybe short of time, too busy or just have no idea what you should be doing.

However for those brides who relish the smaller details and planning timelines this is part of the wedding process which you’ll LOVE!!

So what will our On the Day Co-ordinator do for you?

Our co-ordinator will meet up with you several weeks before your big day either in person or Zoom and talk through every possible detail from venue decor to table plans, supplier details and help produce a full timeline for both a sunny or rainy day. This in depth... full on detail will be what your co-ordinator will work from on the wedding day.

She will be your main point of contact for all enquiries however big or small, she will be a god send, especially if you have lots going on during the day. She‘s there to focus just on you and your day.

During your day, she‘ll oversee all your suppliers, meet them on arrival, show them where to set up, even chase them up if they are late. This is particularly important if your suppliers haven’t visited Upthorpe Wood previously. She’ll ensure that everything and everyone runs to time (as much as humanly possible 😁) That the cake gets positioned in the correct place, the photographer knows where to be, your guests know where to go...

Many times we’ve seen jobs, such as handing out confetti cones, turning on fairy lights, announcing dinner... the list goes on, delegated to close family members. These jobs inevitably get forgotten during the obvious excitement of the day, it May then fall to the happy couple to sort out.

Your co-ordinator will be around to oversee everything on your big day. She will be around from 10am until your evening entertainment is in full flow, usually until around 9pm. A wedding day is for everyone, our couple and guests alike, to be worry free, to sit back and enjoy the day to its fullest. No-one wants to have any responsibilities or be clock watching.

We ask, if choosing an On the Day Co-ordination, that you hire our in house co-ordinator as she will probably know more about the detail behind your big day than anyone else.

Within your Upthorpe hire we include a member of staff for the behind the scenes venue side of things. They will keep in the background but keep bins emptied, toilets cleaned, light the firepit, all the behind the scenes venue stuff! They will be on hand for the Registrars during a legal ceremony and will be with you from your ceremony time until 11pm. However they do not carry out jobs of an On The Day Co-ordinator.

Should you decide that your wedding doesn’t need to be co-ordinated, we’d advise nominating a person (possibly bridesmaid or groomsman) who will be the point of contact for all suppliers/guests during the day. This person should be responsible for meeting suppliers, timings etc.

If you feel that our in house On The Day Co-ordinator would be a big help on your wedding day, please feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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