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Upthorpe Wood...What’s new for our 2020 woodland wedding couples?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Each season we look at just how we can make our Suffolk woodland wedding venue a better experience for our couples. Sometimes it’s for logistical reasons and sometimes just because we have an idea which we can’t wait to put in place! We’ve just finished our third year of woodland weddings so for a while now, we’ve had our thinking caps on.

This year has seen lots of Tipis at the woods which has been a joy for us, they work so well and give extra undercover space for all wedding guests to enjoy.

However, we do realise that there is a considerable cost incurred by couples if choosing this option. So for all our 2020 couples, we decided a while ago, to add more undercover space in the garden reception area by adding a rustic cartlodge... this will be perfect for dining under whilst still feeling like you are outdoors in the Suffolk countryside.

I must say that it’s looking pretty special, I’m hoping that our couples will be suitable impressed. This doesn’t mean that we will ask everyone to eat under cover, oh no... we are still looking forward to lots more woodland feasting either in the woodland reception or garden area. Both are the perfect choice to outdoor wedding feasting... Check out our next Blog for more details!

Along with the Cartlodge, we’ve also decided to include an undercover Chill out Lounge... can’t wait to show you all. Lit with fairy lights and just outside the woodland barn, it’s a great space for taking a moment, having a chat or resting your legs from all that dancing!

If you’re interested in a woodland wedding venue, we have a few spaces left for 2020 and are busy booking couples for both 2021 and 2022. Please get in touch, to come and book a viewing to discuss your requirement, we’d hate for anyone to miss out.

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