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Entertainment ideas for your Upthorpe Wood wedding day.

One of the most exciting things to plan for your wedding day is the entertainment. I don’t mean your band or DJ for the evening, even though that’s fun, but maybe more importantly, entertaining your guests during your day.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to weddings where the day’s dragged, times when we weren’t sure what was happening next or we just felt we were hanging around for the next part of the day to begin. How do we plan a day that stops our wedding guests feeling the same way?

I think guest entertainment is a really BIG part of the day and should be given some serious consideration when planning a wedding. It’s the part that will create/set the atmosphere for a particular time in the day, be one of the things that guests remember.

So let’s talk ideas.

First up, what’s the vibe for your woodland wedding day?

If you’re going for a relaxed, chilled kind of day then entertainment should match this. An acoustic duo playing for a few hours post ceremony works really well. It sets the atmosphere and helps break the ice.

Novelty food trucks are also a great idea for keeping guests amused, an ice cream van, doughnut/churros truck or maybe a bake off for guests to bring along their own creations for judging?! This year we had the privilege of meeting our first live illustrator who painted amazing pictures of guests throughout the course of the day, he went down an absolute storm with everybody from young to old. Treasure hunts for children and adults alike can be fun, similarly, how about a tug of war challenge, far more entertaining than lawn games!

For evening time during the dancing, how about Upthorpe providing a cocktail bar for and hour or two?

If your wedding vibe is more upbeat festival style:

Then you’re going to have to up the anti on this one. Think more along the lines of an afternoon Mariachi bands, several food trucks so everyone has a choice of food, kids corners, possibly a flower crown workshop after the ceremony or a glitter bar before the disco begins. During one incredible festival styled wedding this year, we saw a fabulous drag queen, who knocked everyone’s socks off after dinner. I’m sure he’ll be the talk of all wedding guests for a while to come.

And so to a full on Woodland wedding Vibe…

Here, once again, we’d suggest acoustic singers for both the ceremony and for a few hours after. The afternoon could be filled with an impressive falconry display, maybe archery in the woodland followed by caterers creating a live cooking over fire display for your woodland wedding breakfast…pure entertainment in itself, definitely one for the foodies! And ending the day with your preferred choice of band, how about a Mumford style one to get everyone up and dancing!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to start the ball rolling, most importantly go with your wedding style in order to choose appropriate entertainment and create the right atmosphere. There’s so much choice more out there than just falling back on the good ol’ ‘Lawn games’!

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