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How to begin finding your perfect wedding venue.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Choosing your wedding venue is probably one of the most exciting choices you’ll make during your wedding planning process and maybe you already have a long list of venues you’d like to visit. So, before getting in touch with any venues there’s some really important things to consider.

First up…budgets, what’s your overall wedding Budget? a really inportant consideration. How much do you intend to spend overall for your wedding day? Are parents contributing or will you be using savings etc. Are you providing a free bar, are you providing one or two meals during your wedding day? There’s lots to think about.

Your venue and catering will take up a considerable chunk of this, anywhere up to 50% At Upthorpe Wood, we list our venue prices/packages on our website, so there’s no surprise when you come to view. Yes, we do have a list of additional options, such as On The Day Co-ordination, a clean up service, additional lighting options which you may decide to add on but at least, before you visit, you know whether we fit your budget or not. We leave you to choose your own caterers, decoration, entertainment.

This might start to knock a few wedding venues from your list but it’s really not worth wasting your time visiting a venue which isn’t suitable for you.

Second is your guest number. This again may reduce a few of the venues from your list. If you have a wedding guest list of 150, there’s really no point viewing a venue which allows 100. Wedding Venues are probably not able to increase their numbers to fit with your guest list, our venue is licensed for up to 100 guests, but beware, venue numbers will include children and babies AND the wedding couple!

Next is accommodation, are you looking for a venue where all your guests can stay over? At Upthorpe Wood, we have the cutest little woodland Bluebell Cabin for our wedding couple and guests will find lots of lovely nearby accommodation. Just ask us for recommendation.

Check out each venues website, a good FAQ page could answer lots of your questions and give you a really good understanding of each individual venue. Every venue will run in a different way, so if sparklers are acceptable at one, they may not be at another.

Are you looking for a venue that will allow you to bring in your own alcohol? Some will and some won’t. At Upthorpe Wood we allow couples to bring in their table wine with no corkage and we run our in-house bar for the remainder of time.

Are you looking to get legally married at your chosen venue. Not all wedding venues offer this but will make it clear on their website. Woodland wedding venues aren’t often licensed to hold legal ceremonies but here at Upthorpe Wood it is possible in the woodland or either of the two barns onsite. The venue price will not include any Registrars fees, that’s completely separate. The price varies from area to area and can be anything between £550-£700.

So, you’ve whittled down your venue list and now it’s time to get in touch to view! Remember that venues get booked quickly so if you’re looking to seriously book, it may be worth asking before your visit…how much their deposit will be to confirm and book your chosen date.

Happy Wedding Venue Hunting!

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