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What’s new for Upthorpe Woodland weddings in 2022

So what’s new for our woodland wedding couples in 2022.

As you know, we like to change our woodland wedding venue each year, sometimes to improve or update things but also because we love every year to be different from the last.

New for our Suffolk wedding venue in 2022 is a different woodland layout. We‘ve constructed a new woodland route so couples and wedding guests have a shorter distance to travel from the barn to woodland reception area. It has the added benefit that we’ve created a separate, private area for caterers who are creating woodland feasting for our couples. They now have more woodland room to work in and aren’t disturbed by guests during service. Caterers have their own private enter an email with the cutest little woodland gate!

Dont worry, its only a small change in the specific area but it makes a huge difference for everyone on your wedding day.

As well as a new venue layout, we’ve also expanded the original car park, so will now fit up to 40 cars (this includes parking for your chosen wedding suppliers)

We’d still advise minibuses and coaches to unload at the main gates without pulling into Upthorpe Wood and it’s always a great idea to put a couple of groomsmen on car park duty to make sure all cars park well.

Remember that if you’re having a legal wedding you will need to leave 2 reserved spaces for your Registrars. The best spot for this is just inside the gates.

We look forward to catching up with you all soon. Please feel free to email us with any queries

Sarah x

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