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How to stop that boring afternoon wedding lull…

We’ve all been to a wedding which has a long drawn out lull… no-one is quite sure what to do and often the atmosphere, at this point can plummet.

This often happens during a long reception drinks or after an early afternoon meal before the evening entertainment begins.

So what’s the best way to prevent this?

First, try to recognise when this may occur in your timeline. Do you have a long period of time with not much happening? Have you allowed too long for reception drinks? Remind-1hr is probably more than enough time for people to mingle.

Our first suggestion is to take a critical look at your timeline and pin point the possible lull times. Background music such as an acoustic duo will help during a lull but probably not stop one from happening.. how about offering something interactive for your guests, how about an audio guestbook, event illustrator, a bird of prey flyby, maybe a flower crown workshop or a visit from alpacas?

Lawn games is always a fall back but, from experience, doesn’t keep people as amused as you’d like to imagine! Whereas a tug of war which includes your whole audience, maybe family against family, men against women…will really liven things up and get everyone mixing, talking and laughing together.

Another suggestion would be to move your speeches or cutting your cake to a lull time?

And finally…. Are you starting your day too early? As much as you’d like to make the most of the day, please bear this in mind. Here at Upthorpe Wood, we wouldn’t recommend starting your ceremony before 1pm at the very earliest. This will mean guests start arriving from 12.15pm but remember that there will be things to do behind the scenes on your wedding morning… hair, make-up, setting up last minute decorations, florist set ups etc.

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