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Engagement Season 21/22 is upon us.

Well it’s that time of year again…. Engagement Season is here! Get ready all those expecting to end this year or begin 2022 as a fiancé or fiancé.

How many of you have been patiently waiting for your other half to drop the question… ‘Will you Marry me?’

How many of you are hoping for a small little ring box, beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree this year? And how many of you have chosen your engagement ring and are keeping it secret … ready to announce your engagement to family at the perfect moment during the festive period?

I’ve often wondered why this is the busy time of year for engagements. Is it because it’s a perfectly timed present, beyond all presents. Is it because its the time of year when family and friends come to the foreground and become all more important? Is it because a good engagement calls for a good party and so what better time of year, with our family and friends around us?

Whatever it may be, Christmas is definately a great time of year for a proposal, dark twinkly evenings sat round the fire, or out for a romantic walk wrapped up warm.

Here at Upthorpe Wood, we love getting into engagement season whole heartedly, so if you’d like to use the Wood for your proposal, just drop us a line. We can crack open a bottle of champagne, get the festoons and fairy lights on, light the firepit, perfect for you to sit around drinking your champagne and toasting marshmallows. You could even invite close family and friends to help celebrate the moment!

So, the gorgeous engagement season is here and we really hope that your wedding proposal is the Most romantic time Ever! Drop us a line if an Upthorpe Wood proposal is right up your street, we’re waiting to hear from you. Engagements rock! … and if you’d love a Upthorpe woodland wedding, you know where we are.

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